Saturday, June 23, 2012

#CoFire & #HashtagConfusion

I am trying to keep a record of various Hashtags that have been and are being used to track Colorado wildfires.  On 6/23/12 a number of new fires broke out across Colorado and with them came a large variety of tags.  I will try to record those tags that I am aware of.  If I missed any please let me know!

Here is a Screencast showing how I have the hashtags organized via

Hashtag Summary:
#CoFire - The Default and Catch All
Just saw another catch all - #Coloradoonfire  - will watch to see if it takes flight...


Jefferson County

Larimer County

Currently Active:

Fort Collins
#HighParkFire - #HighPark, also #NoCo (Northern Colorado), FoCo (Fort Collins)
#HighParkFire being used by official agencies

Estes Park
Woodland Heights Fire vs. Estes Park Fire
#WoodlandHeightsFire - Hashtag of Choice for @LarimerSheriff
Also: #EstesParkFire

On 6/23/12 at 4:27 PM @9news tweeted the following:
is named Woodland Heights Fire via/... using hashtag

Lake George, West of Woodland Park

NW of Pogasa Springs Co
#LittleSandFire - #LittleSand -

West of Colorado Springs
Waldo Canyon Fire vs. Pyramid Mountain Fire
#WaldoCanyonFire (Hashtag of Choice for @EPCSheriff - El Paso County Sheriff and @PSICC_NF -USFS Pike and San Isabel)
#PyramidMtnFire (was being used by @CSFDPIO Colorado Springs Fire Department - looks like they may have switched to #WaldoCanyonFire)

This tweet from @Coemergency helps explain a possible source of the confusion:
"Two different fires in CO Springs area: started last night and NEW today Waldo Canyon Fire"
Also tweet from @PSICC_NF:
This fire is erroneously being referred to as the “Pyramid Fire” but the official name is Waldo Canyon."
Tags that are also in use: #WaldoCanyon - #WaldoFire

North of Leadville, Co

SW Colorado
#StateLineFire - #StateLine

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