Wednesday, April 30, 2014

COVOST Handbook

This handbook is meant to guide members of the Colorado Virtual Operations Support Team (COVOST) as they complete the mission of leading and supporting the State of Colorado and our local Colorado communities through the innovative use of social media and other online tools.

It is important to remember that the social media landscape is fluid and constantly changing.  The guidelines shared in this guide are current as of the date listed below.  It is the job of each VOST member, however, to ensure that they stay up to date and knowledgeable of the many changes that will inevitably occur as the ‘virtual’ social media and digital landscape continues to evolve.

Nothing written in this handbook supersedes any preexisting rules or guidelines provide by the State of Colorado or any local community for which the COVOST is activated to support. Likewise, nothing written in this handbook supersedes standard Incident Command System (ICS) practices, rules set forth via any delegation of authority, or any rules or guidelines provided by any agency having jurisdiction.

In the fast moving world of social media adherence to rules and policies is all the more important.  When in doubt, check with the COVOST Manager or Coordinator, lead PIO and/or Incident Commander.

Reality requires virtual support. Reality requires responsibility.

Virtual Support demands great responsibility grounded by reality.

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