Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The COVOST Needs You!

Without you the COVOST really can’t do much of anything.  We need you to partner with us.  Our goal is to join together trusted agents from across Colorado, the United States and the World.  The success of the COVOST asks that you step up and lead.  With your help we can provide leadership and support to Colorado communities during their time of need. 

What is in it for you?
Warm fuzzy feelings.  Seriously. When you become a trusted agent on a VOST you are signing up to help out your neighbor.  If the feeling that one gets after extending a helping hand to another in need is not enough I am not sure what is.  That said, we will make every effort to extend to you the latest and greatest training and experience.  Don’t pay big $$ for training, just join the COVOST!

What are you committing to?
The time commitment to the COVOST is what you make of it.  We understand that you are already overburdened and underappreciated.  The COVOST appreciates you and your time.  We only ask that you agree with our mission, attend training, and make an effort to set aside some time to help when we activate. When we sound the trumpet we simply ask that you make every effort to rally to the cause.

Ready to sign up?  Complete the registration form and volunteer agreement.
Colorado thanks you.

Want to use the COVOST?  You know you want to try it out!
Complete the Activation Authorization form and you might just be the first to activate the team!

Have a question?
Contact Nathan Hunerwadel - - 720-879-2462

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