Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Request Activation of the COVOST

The COVOST is a resource that can be activated to support your agency and community during an active incident or during a pre-planned event. If you would like to request activation of the COVOST please read through the COVOST Handbook and complete the Activation Authorization form.

If you have any questions at all please contact Nathan Hunerwadel at @COVOST or 720-879-2462

Potential COVOST missions:

The following are potential COVOST missions listed from least liability for responding agency to highest. A responding agency is highly discouraged from utilizing the COVOST for the platform creation and/or publication. While these services could be filled by the COVOST, the COVOST prefers to come alongside an agency to enhance their efforts rather than simply do it all for them.

Services offered by the COVOST are meant to enhance the capabilities of a sponsoring agency not replace them. A potential sponsoring agency should not look the COVOST as a primary resource but rather as a secondary and supplementary program.
  • Monitor 
    • Emergency Messages 
    • Online Rumors 
    • Media 
    • Key Community themes/members 
    • Multiple Platforms 
  • Amplify 
    • Same platform amplification 
    • Cross platform amplification 
  • Archive 
    • Agency official post archive 
    • Community posts archive 
    • Media posts archive 
  • Product Creation 
    • Maps 
    • Pictures, video, captions, 
    • Infographics 
  • Platform Creation 
    • Creating new platforms not already in use by sponsoring agency for information dissemination
  • Publish 
    • Publish information to platforms directly on behalf of the sponsoring agency

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